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Gentech is a centre of sensing intelligence. We design, manufacture and supply globally to the automotive, agriculture, construction, HVAC, food and drink, recreation and water treatment industries. We pride ourselves on providing expert customer support wherever you are in the world.

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Latest News Story

Measurement Specialties launches KMA36 universal magnetic encoder

Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS) is now releasing its KMA36 universal magnetic encoder to full production. This system-on-chip combines a magnetoresistive sensor array along with an analog-to-digital converter and signal processing in a standard small TSSOP package. This MEAS technology platform is well suited for adaptation to customer needs in various applications such as potentiometer replacement, motor feedback control, gauge readings, precise linear displacement measurements or steering wheel measurements.


Latest Features

Gentech Coolant System Takes the Heat

The enduring popularity of Gentech/MEAS’s Coolant System, used in trucks, buses and off-highway vehicles, is due to the combination of careful design, rigorously-tested functionality and long-lasting materials. Keeping an engine cool prevents the lubrication failure that can occur when temperatures are elevated. This maximises engine life as well as ensuring operation at an optimum temperature.


AdBlue / DEF - Fact and Fiction

The latest European emissions legislation has meant that of the 440,000 commercial vehicles on the Britain’s roads, about 180,000 are now equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and use AdBlue® diesel emission fluid - or DEF as it is known in North America. Thanks to the changes in legislation there has been a dramatic reduction in noxious nitrogen oxides and particulate matter in recent years.


Latest Case Study

Gentech SCR Sensor Keeps Bus Fleet Running

The UK's largest bus and coach manufacturer had a requirement to measure the level and temperature of AdBlue® or Urea which is now being used in new vehicles as part of European legislation. The unit had to be robust and very low maintenance and the liquid had to be passed though a filter before use.


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